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If you'd like to teach Couples Massage, but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! We have found that there are a number of classes you can teach to the general public, which create more ways to generate revenue, without working on more bodies. SO, save your hands, and teach a few classes.

Couples Massage classes have brought us MANY new clients over the years, and gave some of our clients a way to take care of each other between appointments. Don't worry, the techniques you teach them will not take the place of their professional massage with you. It will enhance the relationship you have with them, though!

The way we designed our Couples Massage classes, were to share them with many people in a group setting. We've offered them as a free marketing tool at a gym, to couples dinner clubs, and exercise groups.

Teaching a class like this will allow you to stand out, and set yourself apart from other therapists in your area, as well. Teaching Couples Massage

regularly, we decided to create a family-friendly Couples Massage DVD, which is available for wholesale to others who would like to carry them in their massage practice, couples therapy practice or yoga studios. There are currently a number of distributors throughout the United States, and several online distributors. The DVD has now been converted to an easy digital format, and is available for download. This also means that anyone with a website, can market it to the public, and we have an affiliate program, so you can make 50% commission on any sales to your site visitors.

The Couples Massage Instruction eBook includes everything from the handouts and instructor's guide, to the details of how to market the class to fill it up, and how to get the participants to come back for a professional massage with you. The class and book was designed by us, Tiffany and Gary Blackden, CMTs and clinic owners. We run networking events, and teach face to face and online marketing to small businesses. Just the marketing information in the course is enough to kick your business up a notch.

If you are hoping to increase your income this year, adding a service that will help you touch more people is a really great way to do just that.

The Teach Couples Massage eBook and Couples Massage Video Download are bundled together in this professional package, an instantly available download for just $27. You will receive an email with a link for an immediate download.

Purchase with your Paypal account, or credit card, and get instant access to your course.

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