Professional Massage Network

The Professional Massage Network is the solution to feeling isolated as a massage therapist. Our tagline is: Practicing Independently, Working Together.

Sometimes we can really feel alone! We work independently with our clients in a quiet room, and often don't have a team of other therapists or professionals. Having a community of bodywork business people will keep you up on new information in our field, and allow us to share important new developments with legislation. It will also help you to stay excited about what you are sharing new skills we learn in continuing education, as well as being sure to GET bodywork ourselves!!

One of the prime reasons, besides injury, we see great massage therapists dropping out of the field is that they aren't able to create enough of a buzz about their business. Our field of expertise is business development. We want to see other therapists succeed and thrive...and go on to help other people. SO, one of the subjects we touch on OFTEN in our blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages are massage practice marketing. Join the conversation to learn more about what works for others in the field, and share what's been working for YOU!

Learn to Teach Couples Massage in Your Practice!
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