Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapists

Find a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist through the American Pregnancy Massage Association . They have done the work of checking the certification of their members, to ensure proper training and practice.

During the childbearing year, which is inherently a physically challenging time, there are some things that can make the experience more comfortable...one of them is massage. However, there are many massage therapists who practice unsafe or less optimal practices for pregnant women. Searching for your therapist via this mode will ensure the therapist you work with has been trained in safe positioning for pregnant women, massage contraindications for pregnancy and how to alleviate some specific pregnancy and postpartum discomforts.

If you are a trained prenatal massage therapist and would like to look into membership in the APMA, visit the membership page Here's the information on Facebook, as well. You can become a fan, even if you aren't a member, to see the updated information about pregnancy massage.

American Pregnancy Massage Association on Facebook

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