Plantar Fasciitis Stretches

Plantar Fasciitis stretches ...and the rest of the 'recipe' I learned after I searched for OVER A YEAR AND A HALF for a solution to my plantar fasciitis. I am completely flabbergasted that this information isn't common knowledge, and shared at every podiatrist in the country. We have had MANY clients come through our doors with persistent foot pain, heel pain associated with PF or achilles pain, which they have received treatment for, with NO resolution or ANY relief.

In addition to the video below, our page on plantar fasciitis has the Recipe for Plantar Fasciitis Relief, or the Top Things to do TODAY to help you start to heal your heels!!

Thankfully, many of them were able to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE their plantar fasciitis in a matter of weeks. WHY? As I share in this video, in many cases, most of the pain and pressure that causes PF is related to the muscles and connective tissue in the lower leg. If you alleviate some of the pressure in the foot caused by the over-tight muscles in the lower leg, and you can actually walk without that classic hobble right after you stand up.

What I'm sharing on this page has to do with my own personal experience, and that of several dozen clients in the last several years...many of whom were on the receiving end of cortisone shots and/or purchasers of $300 orthotics. None of that helped these clients, but 'magically' after receiving some very focused care of the muscles and connective tissue in their lower leg, they were able to walk out of the clinic with less pain. PLUS, when they did their homework, the relief was MUCH more complete and quick!

These plantar fasciitis stretches are VERY specific, and we have found that they are MOST effective when we hold them for 2 full minutes. The reason for this is the protective mechanism of the muscle tissue will keep it contracting for around 45-60 seconds. When we hold the stretch after the muscle has stopped contracting, it allows the connective tissue surrounding the muscle, and extending into the arch of the foot to release some pressure on the whole

structure of the foot. The fact of what we've seen in our clinic, is that there are many, many doctors out there, INCLUDING PODIATRISTS, ORTHOPEDISTS AND SPORTS MEDICINE DOCTORS, who are not sharing this kind of information with their patients. We have SEVERAL clients who have been told that the only way to improve this condition is to perform surgery, so they came to us for a last chance before they went under the scalpel. It only makes sense to try some of these MUCH less invasive ideas before having our bodies CUT OPEN. During the year and a half I was seeking care for plantar fasciitis, we saw a number of doctors, including a chiropractor who wanted me to sign up for a $5,000 care plan in order to help me with my foot, thank you. I'm SO grateful that our friend helped me, and gave us some GREAT information to help others, with his 'secret recipe for fixing plantar fasciitis'!! :)

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