What's Causing My Muscle Pain?

Muscle Pain can be anywhere in the body...and the feeling of a 'pinched nerve', is often associated with a muscle pinching it! Let's start with low back pain, or a pain in the butt...since these are some of the most common issues we see in our Fort Collins Massage Clinic, where we specialize in working with chronic pain and athletes.

Muscle pain somewhere around the low back or rear, is a great way to start this conversation, because the cause of that pain is a great demonstration of why so many of us have muscle pain in other parts of our bodies.

A couple of the highest viewed pages on this website are about some form of pain in the butt. Why? the muscle patterns related to low back pain and pains in the rump are really closely related to a posture MANY of us do TOO much. Sitting. What's so wrong with sitting you ask? Nothing, if you don't do it for a long time.Let me explain. Our muscles were made to move. The fibers are *supposed* to contract...then relax....and there's no in-between, a fiber is EITHER contracted OR relaxed. It's an all or nothing function. When they have to hold a position for a long time, they have trouble with releasing the fully contracted state...and if there is a CHRONIC posture we put our bodies in, the fibers and surrounding tissue start to stick together, or adhere to the tissue around it. It's efficient really. If you are holding your arm way out to the side, or in front of you to reach your mouse, it's hard for the muscle fibers to hold that position...so your body makes it 'easier' to hold that position for longer, by creating a lot of sticky tissue, scarring the area, so it holds part of the weight of your arm up. Efficiency, unfortunately, does not foster healthy circulation or relieve pressure on nerves...in fact, in INCREASES the internal pressure on the surrounding structures. What this means in the long run: we get 'knots' of tissue that stick together, the joints around the restricted tissue starts to be compressed, and won't move through a full and normal range of motion.

That's the reason why shoulder problems, VERY often are closely linked to tightness in the chest muscles, which pull the arm forward and take the joint out of a normal range, and keep the shoulder from moving normally...OR pressure, tension and pain in the low back is often linked to the muscles in the upper legs.The key to remember: keep your muscle tissue moving, so that you don't end up with restricted patterns that cause excess pressure in areas of your body. If you HAVE to stay in positions for a long time, then maybe some stretching is in order, to regain the mobility your body enjoys.

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OR if you have chronic low back pain, we have an ebook and video combination to teach you about the specifics of positions to avoid, the body-mechanics that contribute to chronic low back pain and the stretches that can help it.

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