Meditation Tips

Meditation is one of those things that people will tell you that you have to DO in order to actually get better at...but where the heck do you start...and what is a compelling reason to do it?!

You could read about meditation until the cows come home, but until you actually start doing it, you will get no benefits ...zilch. So, to get you to 'get your quiet on', I have some compelling ideas, to get you to try some of what you are going to read on our meditation pages.

First off, some BENEFITS of meditation:

Lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate.
Shifts brain chemistry to a healthier, less stressed state.
Helps headaches and migraines.
Enhances creativity.

This world offers a lot of stress-hormone-inducing activities. Adding in meditation offers you the opportunity to balance that 'crazy' a little! We have a lot of built in distractions in our days, even if you don't have what I call 'the ultimate distracting force', small children. We have every crazy technological advance available at our fingertips, people can reach us a hundred different ways and our social and work schedules are OUT of control. It's NO wonder anxiety and depression levels are off the charts in our country.

Meditation gives your mind a chance to stop spinning and cultivate the skill of allowing yourself to NOT BE DISTRACTED. Maybe, just maybe, whatever is happening to you right NOW could have a significant meaning, could bring you immense joy, or is necessary to your next level of personal growth? Well, that would be GREAT, if you are paying attention...but you may not be, because your mind isn't HERE, it's off anticipating every worry and running amok trying to calculate what-ifs?

What IF, while you were sitting still, being mindful of your body, your breath, the sounds around you, you allowed yourself to slow the locomotive of the chaotic life a little? I feel your anxiety rising...'I can't sit still for 10 minutes without something to distract me, because all I can think about is the 268 things I have to do before I try unsuccessfully to fall asleep tonight.' The truth is that if we don't attempt to peer into the still spots between our thoughts, we don't often get any stillness in our crazy mind, or our day. Meditation, just the act of sitting in one place, consciously, can offer a chance for your mind to stop its incessant 'REACTIVITY'. This can be a tremendous benefit to your life...many people find that meditation allows them to slow their mind to the point where they actually respond to experiences more thoughtfully, instead of going with the immediate gut-reaction that keeps them in constant motion.

In teaching meditation and yoga, I share some of what my teachers have taught me...this lesson is one I've repeated, because it makes sense to me and it's SIMPLE. In meditation, or any act of mindfulness and training for our crazy minds, your responsibility is to:

Sit, Be Still and Watch

This page on the Jivamukti Yoga Center is one I love that describes the process of meditation.

There are so many ways to meditate and be mindful throughout the day, the key is to engage that experience as often as you can. Whether it's using your breath as an anchor, meaning focusing on the actual act of taking in and releasing the breath without affecting it too much, watching a candle, listening to music or sitting at dinner with someone you love, these are ALL opportunities to be more alive. You can continue to let your mind wander, without a chaperone...or try some mindful practices and be more present, in your life, now.

We will post some additional information on different types of meditation we've used, taught and shared over the last 12 years, because we are recognizing this VITAL need for it in our community and the world...we'll also be sharing them in our newsletter. SO! If you want some great health ideas pushed out to you in your inbox, opt in to our newsletter!

Make it a wonderful day!!The Light in Me, Recognizes and Bows to the Light in YOU. Namaste

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