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Connect With Your Partner Through Massage

We all need some time to connect with our partners. Stop waiting until you have a chance for a DATE. Create a date night at home, by learning to give each other a great massage with three simple strokes, on the floor. No need for additional equipment, just enjoy some time together!

THEN, after you've downloaded your video...remember THESE Important Tips for Your Couples Massage at Home!

1) Book your massage time on a calendar, and don't try to exchange on the same night. This allows the person receiving the massage to actually relax!

2) Make your massage time a NO TICKLE ZONE! If you tickle your partner purposely during massage time, they will not be able to fully relax, since their nervous system will be on alert for you to do it again.

3) Schedule your sessions somewhat regularly, so that you have a chance to improve your technique for your partner.

4) If you use the same products, environment, etc, you will give your body a jumpstart in getting relaxed. The familiar relaxing environment will allow your body to respond more quickly to the touch and routine.

5) Turn off your phone and set the space up to get the least amount of interruptions. Give yourselves the chance to truly unwind and pay attention to each other.

6) Give your partner feedback. Tell them if they went lighter or harder how it would be perfect. Tell them if they are moving too quickly for you to relax. Helpful, gentle suggestions are more easily absorbed than critical ones.

7) Breathe. Both of you will enjoy the process more, if you allow yourselves to breathe deeply and relax into the process. Please don't try to sort out an earlier dispute during your massage time.

8) Have a blanket or space heater in the room you are doing massage. As we relax, it's normal to get a little chilly, as our bodies slow down a bit.

9) Warm up the cream or oil you are using, but be sure it's not TOO hot!

10) Pay attention to your hands when you are the one giving the massage. You will find that you'll feel differences in your partner's skin and muscles that you haven't been aware of before.

We wish you the best in your new way of communicating with your partner. It is such a gift to have a way to connect emotionally and physically with those around us!



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