Massage Video Clips

You've come to the right place for useful massage video clips, if you are trying to find a way for your partner to massage your shoulders for more than 2 minutes before whining about how their hands are tired, or they need to know how to do it better...OR, if you want a tool to reconnect with your partner after the craziness of the week has mowed you both down.

Massage video clips...below is the information clip for our Instructional Couples Massage DVD. It is sold through Paypal on this site, Couples Massage DVD link. As well as at boutiques, spas and online retailers. This is the clip to a portion of the video the Face, Head and Neck Massage clip. You can learn to give a relaxing massage to anyone, since this massage video is completely non-sexual! Instruction covers 3 basic massage techniques, all performed on the floor, so you don't need additional equipment. Many parents have purchased this DVD, to help their active children stay healthy through sports.

This massage video clip link is the piece which demonstrates a portion of the back massage techiques. The Instructional DVD demonstrates either an entire full body massage from beginning to end, or it's indexed to go just to the area you want to practice. Verbal instructions can be turned off using your DVD remote control, just to play the music. It retails for under $20...a great gift that keeps on giving.

The Instructional DVD has information about massage strokes, health benefits and when NOT to use massage-when it's unsafe. The instructional part of the DVD is indexed to go to particular body parts, so you can do the massage in manageable pieces to start out.

The Couples Massage DVD offers:

Foot Massage Techniques Head and Neck Techniques Hand and Arm Massage Techniques Shoulder Massage Techniques

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