Massage Therapy Fort Collins

Looking for massage therapy Fort Collins? We have several highly skilled Fort Collins deep tissue massage therapists who know how to address chronic muscle and connective tissue strains, as well as repetitive strain issues that come with sports training.

Many massage locations you will find that the therapists practice a sweeping variety of massage. This is great for some practices, which are focused on relaxation. If you are looking for pain relief from an issue you've been dealing with for a long time, you want to work with someone who's been trained to assess any restricted pain patterns in the muscles and connective tissue in your body.

Our therapists go through regular bodywork training by national massage therapy trainers, to keep up their skills and enhance their knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Every therapist working in our clinic works on expanding their knowledge of clinical work, in order to serve their clients better.

Massage Therapy Fort Collins
Prenatal Therapist

In addition to the clinical work we do, we also have skilled prenatal massage therapists. They are trained in the comfort and care of the special needs that arise during the childbearing year. There are specific positioning concerns with pregnancy, which not only involve the comfort of mom, but also safety of mom and baby.

We have online scheduling for your convenience, which you can access on this page.

You can also call us at 970-266-0003. A clinic director can answer any questions you may have about your first time appointment, or about which particular massage therapist may fit your needs best.

In addition to offering Fort Collins deep tissue massage and prenatal massage, we also offer Fort Collins couples massage. We can arrange to either have you and your partner in the same room for the massage, or in an adjacent room at the same time. Couples massage instruction is an additional service we offer, that will enable you and your partner to give a great massage at home. It is often given as a gift certificate for anniversaries, Valentine's gifts or birthday gifts. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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