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There are muscle patterns that cause or exacerbate low back pain. If we sit for long periods of time, cross our legs, or sleep in positions which cause shortening of muscles in our upper legs, lower backs and abdomens, it can get worse. Other typical causes of low back pain include: driving for a long time, holding small children on our hips, or leaning forward for long periods of time.

The reason we know that muscles CAN be a primary reason for CHRONIC low back pain? We see it in our clinic every day...AND I had personal experience with every day back pain for 5 years. It's now been completely gone since 1998, in which time I've run a marathon, carried and given birth to two children naturally. These were experiences I wouldn't have imagined I could do when I was devastated by daily, severe pain in my back. Chronic pain is depressing, and it changes everything you do, your social life, and your enjoyment of many experiences. I couldn't sit long enough to watch a movie, go on a road trip, and when I opened a door, I had to shift my weight JUST right, so I didn't get pain all the way down my leg. What was the problem? A tight muscle pattern in my low back, glutes and upper legs that created a lot of pressure on the nerves going down my legs.

The relief came when I saw a massage therapist who specialized in clinical patterns, 5 years after I sought traditional care of a neurologist, an orthopedist, a physical therapist and multiple chiropractors. That was 5 years I hope to save someone else from living. Our Lower Back Pain Remedy involves evaluating your postures at work, sleep and recreation, to avoid some of the chronic shortening in the muscles causing the most trouble, and regular stretching of those muscles. If you want to read more about other chronic pain patterns other than our Lower Back Pain Remedy, there's plenty on our site: chronic pain, upper right back pain, pain relief for TMJ, pain in the foot, or pain in the shoulder and neck.

There are many other pages of chronic pain patterns you can find on our site. You can search it on our Search page, if you have another specific issue you would like to look up.

We also have our page on stretches, all particular to some kind of chronic muscle and connective tissue pattern.

The types of stretches we demonstrate to our clients, and that we do regularly, are a bit different from typical stretches. This is because the intention is to make lasting change in the muscle, to unravel an old pattern. Typically it's a little uncomfortable, but you usually feel a difference right away.

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Testimonials from those who have used this natural solution for chronic lower back pain:

"I can't believe I've been making my back pain worse for years, without knowing it! Thank you for sharing the information in the BodyPain Matrix(TM) Program! I now can completely manage my back pain with my stretches and I've stopped sitting in 'bad' ways.I am so glad I finally have an answer after suffering with my low back pain for over 5 years." -Sheryl B.

"I've been dependent on my chiropractor and massage therapist for years. It all helped, but I feel like someone finally showed me what to do, so that I now know how to help myself. I also found out what I was doing every day to make my lower back pain worse! Thank you for sharing these tools with me." Beth F.

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