Causes of Lower Back Hip Pain

If you have lower back hip pain, it's likely you are doing one or all of these frequently:

Crossing your legs

Sleeping on that side

Driving a lot

Holding a child on your hip

Standing on that side more

In addition, sacrum pain, morning back pain and gluteus maximus pain can all be caused by a muscular tension pattern resulting from these postures.

Frequently, this is a pain which nobody can find a cause for through MRIs, X-rays, or any other diagnostic tool, because none of those can look at strained muscles. This pain is what I experienced for FIVE years, after seeing an orthopedist, neurologist, physical therapist, and chiropractor, and still experiencing pain. My friend and massage therapist was the one to finally get to the core of the problem...a muscular pattern possibly caused by an athletic injury and subsequent treatment five years before the pain started. Medications and exercises didn't help, but massage eradicated the problem in the matter of a week. You can read my story about the process I went through to get through my years of back pain.

To help these tension patterns...we've found that there are three key stretches which have helped to alleviate the pressure from chronic postures (like sitting at a computer all day!), in addition to some massage focused on specific chronic tight muscles. The stretches can release some of the pressure that may cause discomfort in the back:

Hamstring Stretches - This hamstring stretch is shown standing, to allow movement in the pelvis, and create less pressure on the lower back. The thing I always focus on when doing this stretch, is to bring my shoulders forward, NOT down to my knee...this focuses the stretch on the hamstring, instead of leaning from the waist.

Hip Flexor Stretches - (Kneeling Lunge) This stretch is focused on the muscles that are in the crook of your hip, where you bend when you sit. The stretch is for the hip flexor of the back leg. What most people don't realize is that the hip flexors can cause some deep low back pain. Two of the muscles that are responsible for pulling your knees up to your chest attach at the low back, and travel along the front of the back of the pelvis, and to the top of the big leg muscle (femur). This stretch will open up those two deep muscles as well, but you need to bring your body upright, and lean into that front leg, to elongate the area in the hip crease of the back leg. This is the area that gets crunched and shortened every day while we sit. Don't miss this muscle as an important on in your stretching routine for low back pain.

Glute and IT Band Stretches - This glute and IT Band stretch is one we call the 'figure 4', because of the shape of the position your legs are in, if your bottom leg is straight. We use this stretch to alleviate tension in the glute muscles, and down the IT Band, which runs from the hip down the outer 'seam' of the leg to below the knee.

Here are the stretches that we suggest to our clients with chronic back pain: Right-Click here to download the GTS Massage Stretches for Low Back PDF file. (or just click to view in another window.)

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