Low Back Pain Causes

There are several common low back pain causes, which we see all the time in our clinic. Many of these sinister positions and habits haven't been addressed by numerous health professionals our clients have sought for help. That is generally because the practitioners are often only looking at the point of pain, and not the body patterns that create pressure on the area of pain.

There is an epidemic of low back pain today, very possibly because our lifestyles have become less suitable for our muscles. Our muscles need to move. When they are forced to stay in one position for a long period of time, whether sitting or standing, it can cause extensive restricted tissue problems and eventually those restricted muscles and connective tissue will result in pressure on nerves that will send a pain message back to your brain.

Here's the basic muscle and connective tissue anatomy lesson as to what we see all the time with low back pain causes...
Muscles have a 'wrapping' of connective tissue. This is thinner than the piece of plastic wrap you put your leftovers in. It wraps around each muscle fiber, around the muscle and through the tendon, attaching to the bone...a continuous and functional connective tissue that the medical world is learning more and more about every day.

When muscles and the attached connective tissue are forced to stay in a shortened position for long periods of time, they start to stick together. Day in, day out, the muscle fibers that are encased in the connective tissue that is all stuck together, loses its ability to relax, as it gets more and more compressed.

Some of the muscles getting shortened whenever we are sitting, are the hamstrings and hip flexors. The hamstrings are the strong group of three muscles that take up the space on the upper part of the back of your leg. They are responsible for not only holding-stabilizing the body in a leaning over position, but they are also responsible for pulling your torso back to vertical, from a leaning over position.

If the muscles and connective tissue of the hamstrings are SO stuck together and tight that they are now weak, because the muscle fibers can't contract any more...then the little muscles of the low back have to take up the weight. This is what we see in SO many clients that helped us to understand low back pain causes more in depth.

Well, your body from the hip joint up is generally about two-thirds of your body weight. The little muscles of the low back were NOT meant to hold that much weight...the hamstrings were! They are three VERY strong muscles, with leverage. If they are not able to do their job, the low back begins to have to take the pressure of doing WAY too much work for their size and position in the body. Physics-wise, using the muscles in the low back to hold that much of the body weight is not at all effective.

So, in our work with hundreds of clients with low back pain, we found that there are several things they could be doing to restrict this over all muscle pattern that can cause pressure and injury to the lower back muscles and eventually the spine. Sitting all day at a computer is one of them...which NONE of us have to do for work, right?! Sleeping in positions with the legs bent deeply, sitting on feet, crossing our legs...and several other positions we explain on this page about chronic back pain.

The key to alleviating chronic low back pain causes that are muscle and connective tissue restriction oriented, is to unravel the pattern. Losing range of motion is dangerous over time, it continues to compress joints, and make injury more likely. This is why a lot of folks end up with knee or hip pain to go WITH their low back pain, because the muscles that pull on the low back can also create compression and pressure on the hip and knee joints.

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