Leg Pain At Night

Leg pain at night, leg cramping at night and restless leg syndrome have a bit in common. The clue is in the fact that they typically happen in a time when the muscles should be RELAXING. The body is attempting to relax the fibers of the muscles in your legs, and there are generally three things that are happening, the body is dehydrated, over used and possibly low on key nutrients.

If you want to know about how much water to drink and why it may be problematic for muscles and joints, our page on Drink HOW MUCH Water?

If your muscles are too tight, there are some stretches that could really help, and engaging a professional massage therapist would be a GREAT idea. We have the stretching sheets with descriptions and pictures on a pdf form free to download, if you sign up to receive our monthly newsletter about how to keep your body healthy and pain-free.

Sitting too much, standing too much and overusing our leg muscles can make them tight, or make the fibers stick together. The specific stretches we talk about are 'connective tissue' stretches...not just a quick stretch, one breath and you're done. Our stretches focus on holding the stretch long enough for the muscle fibers to stop their reflexive-protective contracting. We do our stretches for 2 minutes. We have clients who have had relief after YEARS of pain, because they started doing the stretches once a day, and regained range of motion and healthier, happier muscle tissue for their efforts.

NOW for the nutrient part. Remember I mentioned that leg pain at night has something in common with leg cramps at night and restless leg syndrome? Well it turns out that one of the major nutrients that our body doesn't manufacture on its own and is absolutely necessary for our function of muscle relaxation is magnesium. We discovered this a little by accident...and it's lead us to a life of sharing the wonders of magnesium.

What happens in the relaxation process of the muscle is that the magnesium acts as the 'gatekeeper' if you will, allowing only necessary calcium and other factors of muscle contraction into the muscle cell. Well, it turns out that most people are over-abundant in calcium, thanks to the dairy board and doctors prescribing massive amounts of calcium to their patients...but if they are deficient in magnesium AND over abundant in calcium, the calcium goes a little wacko and overstimulates many cellular processes.

If our leg muscles are trying to relax, but our bodies don't have enough magnesium or other vital nutrients to ALLOW the chemical interaction to make them relax, we may very well get leg pain at night, leg cramping at night or restless leg syndrome. Our muscles in every part of our body need to recover over night, so the fact that some of the tightest spots in our bodies are trying to relax, but don't have the necessary nutrients makes so much sense to us, now that we've done the biochemical research to back it up.

Trans dermal magnesium seems to be one of the best ways to absorb it into our systems, since when we take too much orally, it can cause diarrhea. We take Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) baths regularly in our home for a variety of reasons, primarily to get the magnesium into our bodies. We also use a magnesium oil (just magnesium concentration in water, but it feels slick) on our skin during the day. There are a few other benefits we've found to supplementing with magnesium. We haven't had an eye twitch in a month, and we used to get them all the time...and we are all sleeping MUCH better.

The AWESOME part about this is that the solution is relatively inexpensive and totally non-invasive. Many companies are marketing heavy duty drugs for leg pain at night, restless leg syndrome and other issues, but supplementing with magnesium isn't going to create a terrible burden for your liver.

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