Knee Pain While Sitting

Knee pain while sitting has become much more common in the last 50 years. Why? Because we are shortening/damagin our muscles in our legs, by staying still more...and many of us are short on nutrients, like magnesium, in our diets, which causes muscles to stay contracted, causing pressure on the knee EVEN WHEN WE ARE SITTING STILL.

If the dull knee pain while sitting is not the result of an obvious injury, it can often be related to pressure on the knee from the surrounding muscles. There are 10 large, strong muscles which cross the knee, and several smaller muscles. When these muscles get tight, they compress the area inside the knee joint, 'squishing' the bony areas together, resulting in different types of knee pain, including knee pain while sitting.

We have had hundreds of clients report their knee pain being resolved from massage and stretching...even some who thought their arthritis in their knees was the only reason they were experiencing pain. With our lifestyles of staying in one place a lot and sitting often, our muscles lose a lot of the elasticity and range of motion over time. Our muscles continue to lose range in our normal movements when they are continually required to stay in the same place for long periods.

The muscle groups that typically contribute the most to pressure and pain in the knee, causing knee pain while sitting are:

Calf Muscles
Adductors (muscles on the inside of the thigh)
IT Band (tendon along the outside seam of the leg)

We have hamstring stretches, and calf stretches on video and already on the site. We have additional stretches and a healthy workstation checklist available for immediate download, when you register for our newsletter.

Our other fantastic discovery, that has helped an unbelievable number of our online readers, as well as clients is the use of transdermal magnesium. In our home, we use it daily, and it's helped a number of health issues. You see, magnesium is necessary for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, as well as the process of muscles relaxing. Without magnesium, the issues of restless leg syndrome and night time leg pain can get well as aches and pains in leg joints. As the muscles in the surrounding area finally have the mineral needed to contribute to relaxation, the joints aren't as compressed, and the pain can subside.

Something else to think about is that often, knee pain can go hand in hand with other same-leg aches and pains. What we see in our clinic often is knee pain with foot pain issues like plantar fasciitis, or chronic aching hips, leg cramps, aching in another part of the leg, glute or low back.

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