Hamstring Stretches
How Stretches *Really* Work...

If you are like any of our clients, you would tell me, "My hamstrings are ALWAYS tight, I can stretch and stretch, but they will never loosen up." That *may* be because the stretches you are using are not focused on opening up chronic tension from postural strains. That's what we teach our clients, and what we share in these videos. If they are in postures throughout the day that are restricting movement, eventually the stretches required are a little different than the regular "take a few deep breaths and move on" types of stretches. These stretches are specifically focusing on the muscles most restricted by the chronic postures we are all in every day.

One of the primary differences in the stretches we teach is the amount of time we hold them to affect the full range of tissue in your body. The body has a protective mechanism, to keep you from stretching into a tear. It contracts a muscle put into a stretch for 45-60 seconds.

This means that if you have deep, chronically shortened patterns in the muscle and surrounding connective tissue, the stretch won't even usually affect the area for lasting change until after 1 minute. For this reason, we share with our clients that in order to make LASTING CHANGE in a muscle and connective tissue through stretching, we suggest holding the stretches for 2 FULL MINUTES. Yes, that's two minutes PER stretch. It means that you may be stretching a bit longer than usual, but in doing these stretches regularly, we aren't in pain, and our clients get out of pain quickly, and keep their muscles pliable and healthy in the long run.

There are a LOT of reasons your hamstrings may be continuing to stay tight as well...our page on tight hamstrings may give you a little bit of insight into the chronic pattern. We also have the low back stretches in a pdf form for you to print out and keep where you can use it as a guide.

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