Fort Collins YogaYin Yoga for Low Back Pain

There are many Fort Collins Yoga classes, but not many that are focused specifically on unraveling low back muscular patterns. The Yin Yoga for Low Back Pain class series at our clinic are aimed at unraveling muscular restrictions that cause pressure or pain in the lower back. The gentle strengthening exercises in the series won't have you doing repetitive crunches that hurt your low back.

The difference in a Yin Yoga class, is that the postures are held for a longer period of time. For individuals with chronic low back pain, this length of time is what will alleviate the chronic muscular and connective tissue patterns. If not held for long enough, the connective tissue, which covers a lot of area in and around the muscles and bones, doesn't actually experience the unraveling, which is vital to alleviating the pressure on surrounding areas.

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