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NoCoTots Special for Fort Collins Prenatal Massage and Fort Collins Deep Tissue Massage! You work hard chasing tots all day...and night!

You deserve a great massage. We have massage therapists with special training in Fort Collins Prenatal Massage as well as deep tissue work to care for both parents with the aches and pains of the first years of parenting!

When we had our first baby join our family, someone gave us a gift card for Target that said, "Because after the ecstasy, there's still diapers." That's the same kind of sentiment we can convey about the need for a massage for a new parent. Having children is really hard on our bodies...and after the wonder of the snuggles and the immersion in the yummy smell of their little newborn heads, we can have a huge pain in our necks, literally!

Our staff is trained not only to take care of women during the childbearing year, but to also work with specific injuries, aches and pains that occur with parents of young children. For instance, did you know that we see a lot of clients for low back pain around the time their children turn one year old? When babies are learning to walk, we lean over, holding their hands, until they solidify their balance on their 'walkin' legs'. This causes a very specific pattern in the musculature of the upper legs and low back that can be alleviated with the particular type of massage we do. Another parenting pain pattern has to do with parents of newborns. Often between holding the baby, rocking the baby, walking, swaying and burping the baby, parents end up with a particular pain pattern in their neck and shoulders. Nursing moms can look forward to some relief for their neck and shoulder discomfort from a session geared toward not only the muscles that are hurting, but the muscles that are contributing to the overall imbalance in their bodies, while they support and stare into the eyes of their new little bean.

Our Fort Collins prenatal massage and deep tissue massage staff has been trained in all these nuances of parenthood. In most practices, the staff is not trained in unraveling pain patterns and educating clients on the postures that make it worse, or the stretches they can do to make it better. All of our therapists can give you stretches and specifics about how muscle pain can be helped through exercises and awareness.

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