Fort Collins Pregnancy Massage

If you are looking for Fort Collins Pregnancy Massage, you want to be sure you are going to a massage therapist who is thoroughly trained in prenatal work. This will ensure the therapists knows any safety measures, as well as comfort practices during a massage.

Our Fort Collins prenatal massage therapists have extensive training and experience in prenatal massage.

We pay special care in positioning you during your pregnancy massage for maximum comfort and safety. We also have additional services related to labor support, so please ask us, if you'd like to learn more about comfort measures, or specific training for your partner to help you in labor.

Another advantage to our Fort Collins Pregnancy Massage Therapists, is that we are not only highly trained professionals, but we all work together as a team to perfect our techniques and comfort measures for prenatal massage! We have evening and weekend hours for your pregnancy massage, and online scheduling for your convenience. Packages are available at a discount for multiple massages during the prenatal and postpartum period.

In addition to relaxation, Fort Collins Pregnancy Massage offers many benefits to mom and baby:

-suppression of stress hormones

-better sleep patterns the night following the massage

-boost for mom's immune system

-relief of aches and pains associated with pregnancy

-enhanced digestion

-some relief of pregnancy related swelling in the lower legs and arms

Postpartum Massage
Postpartum massage also has many benefits. Mom is usually very tired from interrupted sleep cycles. Frequently her shoulders and neck are very tight, due to holding and feeding the new bundle. A massage can help mom relax, be able to move her neck again, and also to help with gentle techniques to help to reintegrate the fluids in her abdomen postpartum.

There will be some changes in mom's body from the process of pregnancy and birth. Mom's abdomen will usually be bloated for weeks after birth. This is primarily from the extra fluid in the abdomen, and it also takes several weeks for the uterus to involute significantly. It does actually shrink back nearly to a pre-pregnant size, which is great just takes a little time. One of the side-effects many women don't talk about, though, is stress incontinence issues postpartum. One of the techniques our therapists have been trained in, can help with this issue. It is called a 'bladder lift'. It is a deep tissue technique, performed through the abdomen, which can have immediate results in helping with stress incontinence. See more on our page about the Postpartum Bladder Lift Technique.

A newborn brings a lot of joy and excitement to a family, but they also bring a tremendous amount of stress, sleepless nights, worry and possibly a bit of angst and depression. We have a network of support for new moms in town, so please ask us for the information for yourself, or the new mom in your life!

Please call for additional information, or to book your appointment over the phone. 970-266-0003 If you are looking for a gift certificate for a Fort Collins Pregnancy Massage you can purchase one instantly for email or printing on this page.

We have relationships with several Childbirth, Newborn, Postpartum and Breastfeeding Professionals in Northern Colorado. Should you desire information about a doula, childbirth education class, midwife, lactation consultant, support group or information on baby products, please call us, use our Contact Us page, or go to this page on Fort Collins Childbirth.

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