Fort Collins Massage

Fort Collins Massage specializing in working with deep tissue applications of massage and unraveling old pain patterns. We work with people who have been in pain for years, and help them to understand WHY they are in pain, from a muscular perspective. We KNOW muscle bio-mechanics and patterns. We've not only been working with people for a long time doing this kind of work, but have experienced chronic pain, due to unproductive muscle patterns ourselves.

All the therapists in our clinic have extensive training and experience with reading the body's patterns, and can share specific exercises and stretches to help unravel patterns further, after you leave your session. The Fort Collins Massage Therapists you will work with in our clinic have not only exceeded education requirements for Colorado, but continue to learn techniques and further educate themselves in their field. There are a lot of choices when it comes to massage therapy in Northern Colorado. The difference is in the specialties. If you are looking to help a chronic shoulder pain, rotator cuff injury, plantar fasciitis, chronic low back pain, restricted muscle patterns in the neck causing headaches, pain in the midback , or TMJ , these are the CLINICAL applications of massage our clinic addresses DAILY. Most massage therapists work a little with these types of issues, every once in a while. Our therapist's have experience with this...every day they come in to put their hands (or elbows) on someone.

We are happy to answer questions about your particular aches and pains, and discuss what we would do to address your discomfort. Please feel free to call us.

So, if you are looking for a Massage Therapist in Fort Collins, who specializes in specific sports injuries, deep tissue work, chronic pain, especially work with individuals who have had spinal surgeries (fusions, laminectomies, and rod stabilizing implants), you are unlikely to be the first on our table with a particular issue. If you DO have a highly unique medical situation, please give us a call before you come in to see us, so we can research the best way to address what you have going on. We have a number of health professionals we consult with on cases, and if we are not able to help you, we will refer you to someone who has experience with a strategy that can help you.

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