Fort Collins Massage Therapy

Fort Collins Massage Therapy, with specifically trained deep tissue massage therapists to help with chronic pain patterns. Every day we work with clients who have had long term low back pain, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel pain and numbness to name a few.

Our Fort Collins Massage Therapy hours include evenings and weekends for your convenience. We provide rooms with table warmers and heat packs. We provide a relaxing atmosphere, although our tag line is, "We're not your green tea and fluffy robe massage."

This is because we focus our work on helping open up long term restrictions in movement to regain mobility and reduce pain patterns. This means that our work is clinically focused, as opposed to a relaxation focused massage, which tends to be less pressure, and avoid deeper work. We take a health history, go over the intake with you and are sure to focus on the issue you most want to address. Our therapists do not just 'run a routine' on their clients. They address the restrictions in movement caused by postures and activities over time.

The way our therapists do this is asking questions, assessing the overall pattern in your body and using deep tissue applications of massage, stretching and sharing suggestions for postures and stretches you can do at home. Learning the home care you can do yourself is an important part of our work. This is what makes us different in the Fort Collins Massage Therapy arena. We want for you to be able to have lasting results from your massage. If you are putting your body in positions at work or during your sleep that are causing or exacerbating your pain, you will want to understand how to keep them unraveled at home. By opening up the pain causing muscle patterns at home, you will be able to stay out of pain longer. After all, when you come out of your massage you will feel great, don't you want to find out how to make that feeling last longer?

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