Fort Collins Massage Classes

Fort Collins Massage Classes at Pivotal Wellness!
We have regular Couples Massage classes, so that couples can learn specific ways to work on each other at home.

Massage is a great way to connect with your partner, or friend and can enhance the health of both the giver and the receiver!

The group classes are demonstrated on the floor, so that you can duplicate the strokes at home. Private classes are available for those who want specific help with physical discomfort, or trouble spots and want one on one instruction from the therapist.

Infant Massage, another one of our Fort Collins Massage Classes, is a truly amazing way to connect with your newborn. Our certified infant massage instructor shares specific strokes and massage to help baby with development and body awareness. Some of the issues that can be helped with baby massage are: GI distress, teething and sleep issues. Massage helps parents to connect with their baby, and often will help babies digest better, sleep better, and develop their body awareness in a healthy way.

We have monthly classes in Understanding and Unraveling Muscle Pain Patterns. The classes are an hour and a half long, go through postures to avoid during the day and night to help the pain pattern you are experiencing and 45 minutes of stretching to ensure you leave the class feeling better. Participants in this class routinely have a decrease or elimination of their low back or upper back pain within days of taking part in the class. The homework given can be applied right away for results with chronic muscle pain.
Our 6 week Yoga for Back Pain series is one to help people with chronic back issues. Weekly classes allow you to really understand the patterns that are causing your pain, and how to apply the restorative yoga poses at home for results.

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