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Finally, a Fort Collins Headaches page that offers some immediate help! Studies show the majority of people who suffer from frequent headaches are victims of high levels of tension through their neck and shoulders. Our poll, filled out by many people have chosen nearly unanimously that their neck and shoulders are their biggest trouble spots.

The correlation between tight neck and shoulder muscles with Fort Collins Headaches, is that those muscles pull on the base of the skull (occipital ridge) and the side of the vertebrae at the top of neck. This causes a tremendous amount of pressure on all the surrounding tissue, including causing tension through the jaw and head. The muscles in the back of the neck, the front of the neck and definitely the upper chest muscles. Most practitioners will not even address this muscle group, for lack of understanding the pattern. When the muscles in the top of the chest are tight, they pull the collarbone, the top of the arm, and even the shoulder blade! There is actually a part of your shoulder blade that goes through the top of your shoulder, and a couple of muscles in the FRONT of your body pull these muscles out of balance with the muscles in the back of the body. It's extraordinary understanding how the body works, and finding the muscles that are causing the pressure and creating pain.
So, all this muscle talk is because we are massage therapists, and if you are experiencing your Fort Collins headaches with no relief, you may want to let us help you open up your muscles and give you another chance to feel good!

Primary NO-NO's when you are having chronic headaches, neck tension, pain in shoulders or jaw pain are:

1) Do NOT hold your phone with your shoulder!

2) No heavy purses, laptops or diaper bags!

3) No Sleeping on your belly or side. This only leaves back sleeping, which is a hard habit to get into, if you are used to another way.

4) Do not stay in one place for loooong periods of time-computer, driving, holding a child.

After years of performing massage therapy for tension headaches, a couple of patterns that we see more often than not and are worth looking into are Pain between or under shoulder blades and TMJ(temporal mandibular joint) Both of these pain patterns have proven to be an interesting link to the reduction or elimination of reoccurring headaches.

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