Fort Collins Childbirth Education

Fort Collins Childbirth Education Classes for the educated family. There are a lot of standard offerings for childbirth education classes that don't have your best interest at heart.

It's important to be aware of some of the pitfalls. Classes offered under a hospital or other large practitioner's office will inevitably lean their teachings in the direction of their standard of care...meaning: it will NOT be education of the full range of information that is important know when you are going into labor. It is often directed at creating a compliant patient. This is not an exaggeration.

If you want to get a complete education about healthy birth practices, you will want to hire an independent Fort Collins Childbirth Educator who will explain important information often left out of a traditional hospital childbirth class, such as:

-Environment is important to how your body works during labor, including how people treat you.

-Labor drugs can be dangerous, and there are practices that can make them more or less so.

-There are positions that can help your comfort and/or a stalled labor that don't involve drugs.

-You have a choice in some of the practices that a hospital will automatically impose on you and your baby, as part of their protocol.

These are all important factors that can change your overall birth experience AND can improve your chances of a birth without intervention or make it MUCH more likely. Don't you want to have a Fort Collins Childbirth Educator who gives you the information you need, as opposed to what someone WANTS you to know? Plan to take more time to research safe birth practices and the process of incorporating your new child into your life, than you did figuring out your registry. :)

We highly recommend that couples take a Bradley Method (R) Natural Childbirth series of classes. These are 12 week series of classes, which provide in depth information about healthy pregnancy and labor. The classes are the primary option for couples who are planning on unmedicated chilbirth. We are also aware, though, that some couples are not able to get into one of the local classes, so they take a more abbreviated class. These abbreviated classes often don't provide enough hands-on tools to help the expectant couple to feel confident about going into labor. The students who have taken part in this class agree that they are much more comfortable about what they will 'actually' do when the time comes.

Birthing From Within

classes are a bit shorter and are less geared to a natural birth, as they are toward an authentic birth. They are also independent and will share unbiased information about birth practices by local practitioners and hospitals.

The Foothills Childbirth Education Association has been around since 1968 and is a non-profit organization providing great classes that are not affiliated directly with any hospital practice. They also include, as Bradley and BfW, information on newborn care and breastfeeding.

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