Foot Massage Techniques for you to use with your honey...

Looking for foot massage techniques? Every day your honey comes home from work and asks for a foot rub...but your hands get tired after just one minute. There are some great, easy techniques you can use to bring him or her back to life at the end of a hard day...

Below are some descriptions of foot massage techniques. Please always work within your partner's comfort level, to avoid injury.

Basic Swedish massage techniques for feet are great for the receiver, but the giver's hands get worn out very quickly. There are other foot massage techniques to work on your partner's feet that are really easy for you, and VERY satisfying for the person receiving the foot massage.

The first technique, is the easiest for the giver...

Have the 'receiver' of the massage lie face down on the floor, with their feet resting with the tops of the feet on the floor. Both of you will need to have socks on or just bare feet. The 'giver' will gently stand on the bottom of their partner's feet. rocking your body weight back and forth from foot to foot, the giver can tell you how much pressure is comfortable. Other than a professional, we suggest you may want to keep the 'walking massage' to feet, since this part of your body is used to having lots of pressure all day long, so usually this technique will not exert more pressure than it is used to supporting.

The second foot massage technique requires some arm strength, but should save your hands a bit...

Have your partner lie or sit down with their feet up. This technique works best for the giver if their arms can be straight, and using correct body mechanics can move the upper body, instead of just using arm strength. Either way, you will roll your hand into a fist, and run your second set of knuckles up and down your partner's foot, from the heel, through the arch, to the balls of the foot, or up to the toes, and back. You can circle your knuckles as well, particularly on the heel and the ball of the foot, or just run it up and down the bottom of the foot.

The 3rd of our foot massage techniques involves a little more hand strength...

We call this one 'milking the foot'. Sit facing the sole of your partner's foot...this may be most comfortable with them lying on their back on the floor, with you sitting up against something, with their feet on a pillow in your lap, the soles facing your belly. Place your thumbs lightly in the middle of the arch of their foot, touching in the midline of the foot. Your hands should be cupping their foot, with your fingers slightly overlapping on the skin on top of their foot. You will compress your hands together, and slide your hands toward their toes. Release slightly, bring your hands back down, compress and glide up to the toes again...'milking' the foot.

Last, but not least...Squeeze Away!

...this doesn't need to be done with any special skill, but if your partner's feet land in your lap, just start squeezing different parts of their feet, with broad, whole hand pressure, and it's sure to bring a smile to their face!

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