Communicating Through Touch

Communicating through touch is an art that has been really lost in today's world. In fact, in the U.S., we've turned into a touch-phobic society in a lot of ways. Our children get into trouble for touching other students in any way in our schools, and everyone has to think twice before offering a hug, even as an act of compassion. Our conventional doctors, very often, don't touch us to make a diagnosis or offer suggestions to patients. It's our goal to share with couples and families ways that they can help each other in a way that can counter some of the most dangerous health threats in our current lifestyles: stress and inflammation.

Massage and other forms of therapeutic touch are still used consistently in some healing traditions around the world. Beyond the obvious relief for joint and muscle pain, massage helps with inflammation, swelling, lack of circulation, suppression of stress hormones, support of the parasympathetic nervous system, and issues related to many disorders.

Some of the ways you can help your partner and family by communicating through touch may not be 'measurable'. Lowered levels of anxiety and reduced levels of stress hormones are something that may take a bit to notice, and Couples Massage can enhance the connection between partners, by slowing down enough to notice subtle cues by your partner. Massage for kids has many benefits, depending on how old the child is, and how it's executed. Safe, therapeutic massage by a parent or loving caregiver can help with better quality sleep, anxiety and physical discomfort. We, of course, have used it with our children from the day they were born.



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