Cause of One Leg Pain

Cause of one leg pain may be easily alleviated, if it's related to muscle tension. "Muscle Tension" sounds simple, but it can be truly vicious. An overly tight and restricted muscle group can cause perpetual pressure that can cause a disc issue, or burning pain in the leg, all the way from the hip crease or low back to the toes. It can cause shooting pain, aching, burning pain that wakes you up at night.

We've worked with clients for years now in helping to alleviate pain at home, so we are well versed in natural remedies for leg pain and finding things like the cause of one leg pain and other leg pain cuases. You see, when there is leg pain that has been persistent, or 'was tight for a long time, but one day just wouldn't let up, or 'has been waking me up at night for weeks'...those can be the result of some postures and positions you are in often during your day.

The cause of one leg pain that is one of the most common we see in our clinic relates to sitting position, whether at work or at home, someone will sit lopsided. This can be from crossing your legs, sitting on one leg is a really big offender with burning pain down the leg, or sitting with one kneed bent, with that foot in to the thigh. These positions will all shorten many of the big muscles in the upper part of the leg. Short muscles, or muscles that are 'sticking together' because of sitting in one position for too long can compress nerves and cause localized pain, or radiating pain. This is what's interesting about pain...really any time we have pain, it's a 'pinched nerve'...since the nerve won't send a pain message unless there is a compression in some way of the nerve ending. Nerves reside in the muscles, through them, around them, tell them what to do, and send messages back to the brain. So, if we can alleviate the pressure on the nerve from the muscle, connective tissue or bone that is pressing on it, you have a likely solution to a chronic problem that is related to a restricted muscular pattern.

If you have a lot of muscles that tend to be tight, there can be a number of things that could have sent your body over the edge to ultimately be the sinister piece in the leg pain causes and the cause of one leg pain. These are some of the most common leg pain causes we see in our clinic: chronic dehydration, lack of nutrients- especially key minerals, over use, lack of use resulting in restrictive tissue patterns.

We have other pages to address the hydration of muscle tissue and how it can be causing pain in your body, as well as mineral supplementation or epsom salt baths to help with various kinds of leg pain. Here we will address the specific postures not to put your body in and give you an idea as to the stretches that may help you to alleviate the leg pain sooner than later.

In today's world, many of us need to sit and work on a computer to make a living. It's a necessity...but many of us don't do anything to help our body's to deal with the tension and restricted muscles we GET from sitting all day!

The epidemic of leg and back pain is often related to the chronic sitting most of us do. The stretches that we focus on in order to alleviate many different leg pain causes are on the big muscles of the upper leg, the ones that get most restricted from sitting:

-The hamstrings, which are three muscles in the upper part of the back of our legs.
-The hip flexors, the muscles that cross the hip in the front of the hip, in the hip crease.
-The glutes and IT Band, which comprise your 'cheek' of your rump, and the band of muscle that runs down the side of your leg, attaching just below your knee.

These stretches are demonstrated in pictures and detailed instructions on a pdf you can get if you sign up for our newsletter, on the upper right of this page.

The specifics of how these stretches can help with the cause of one leg pain is in the timing of the stretch. If your muscles have been restricted for a long time, due to sitting or standing in one position (...oh, did I mention sleeping in the wrong position can really make things like burning down the leg worse?), then the tissue around your muscles may be stuck together, making it hard for the muscle to move in its normal range. The way we stretch in our clinic and our home, is to hold the stretch for 2 minutes. Our muscle keeps contracting for 45-60 seconds when you first go into a stretch, so if we don't hold it for at least that long, the stretch only really reaches part of the structure. Once the muscle stops the reflexive-protective contracting, then the stretch can actually reach the connective tissue that may be stuck. This could also be called scar tissue or repetitive strain stretching, because it mobilizes not just the muscle, but all the tissue around it.

We are firm believers in epsom salt baths, to the point of recommending them to pretty much EVERYONE we know. They help to decrease inflammation and offer the body some absorption of magnesium, which many progressive doctors are telling us that many of us are deficient in these days. Magnesium is a known basic anti-inflammatory mineral, and is needed for muscle health and generally has been touted to help with muscle contraction. Anytime someone has a muscle cramping, restless leg syndrome type of problem, or leg aching or pain, we typically ask them if they've taken an epsom salt bath. It's inexpensive, easy, and if you combine it with stretching, it can knock nearly and cause of one leg pain to the curb.

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