Help for Carpal Tunnel Pain, Tingling and Numbness

Frequently a doctor will give a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnosis without even touching their patient. The problem with this action is that frequently the symptoms of a repetitive strain issue are the same as a carpal tunnel issue, yet, much easier to work with.

If you aren't familiar with this structure, it is located at the wrist-hand junction, where several nerves run through a literal bone-ligament-tunnel into your hand. When the space inside this little tunnel gets cramped, from swelling and/or pressure, it causes issues (sensations-pain, tingling, numbness) into the hand. The surgical version of 'helping' this problem is to cut the ligament holding the 'bone tunnel' together. Anytime someone cuts you, it creates scar tissue, so it's possible that the scar tissue will restrict movement in your joints around your wrist, after you heal from surgery! Ugh... Find a massage therapist to help with this pain, tingling in your fingers or repetitive strain issue. You will likely have some diminishing in your symptoms if they do a bit of deep work to loosen up your forearm muscles. Most of the muscles located in your forearm cross your wrist into your hand and if you loosen those up, you alleviate restriction in your wrist and hand.

MANY clients come in to see us with all of these symptoms...and frequently they have done one of these recently:

1) Lifted weights (we usually suggest gloves for regular weight lifters to avoid the extra pressure of gripping the free weights)

2) Driven a long way

3) Bad habit of sleeping on their side with their hands folded in to their body

4) Held a baby or small child a lot

5) Been on the computer a ton

We will be adding more information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tons of pictures to help you to understand these disorders, aches and pains a little better, so check back from time to time, or subscribe to our RSS Feed, to continue to learn more about yourself, and your body...


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