Calf Stretches-The Right Way

More and more clients are showing up at our office with chronically tight lower legs and feet. There are many reasons for that, and one really great way to help it!

We have a lot of athletes who come to us for repetitive strain issues in different parts of their bodies, and many others who have restrictions in different parts of their bodies from chronic postural strain. Chronic postural strain is an epidemic due to the ways we live our lives these days: sitting a lot, or holding certain positions for a super-long time.

Our bodies were meant to MOVE! Watch a child and you will know what I'm getting at...they stretch, turn themselves upside down and get their hearts pumping. If we were living true to health, our bodies would do more of that too!

The calf stretches we share are not just for the muscles, but for all the connective tissue that is basically all the other 'soft tissues' which aren't hard structures of bones...although even the bones have a layer of connective tissue around them! These stretches include the stretch that helped me, and many of our clients move away from their excruciating pain in their feet from plantar fasciitis. These plantar fasciitis stretches are effective, because the muscles and tendons in the feet originate in the lower leg. Let me type that again: The muscles involved in plantar fasciitis, as well as most other foot tension and pain START in the calf and the front of the lower leg. This means that when you go to the podiatrist or orthopedist for help with foot pain, and they only look at your FOOT, they are missing the entire structure causing pressure on that area. We are posting videos and more information on how to help yourself with foot pain and more specifically plantar fasciitis since we work with clients with these types of issues every day.

This video is a description of the two important stretches we've used for the calf personally and with our clients in the past several years. They tend to help with lower leg and foot tension, and can help with pain in those areas as well.

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