BodyPain Matrix(TM)

Many of us have NO idea what we have been doing for years to hold on to our pain. BodyPain Matrix reveals how your work, recreation and/or sleeping positions can drastically affect the level of tension in muscle groups and make the muscle patterns much more likely to be restricted an painful. There are so many issues with musculoskeletal pain that are related to restrictions in the muscle and the connective tissue, also known as fascia.

If you are experiencing consistent pain in your body, it can absolutely be linked to a muscular imbalance, but most health care providers miss the patterns. They look directly at the spot you are experiencing the pain, but not the full length of a muscle, where everything attaches and the way we use our bodies, which may be compromising a different area.

The patterns exposed in our BodyPain Matrix(TM) programs were documented over a decade of looking for trends in our clients who have similar postures and body behaviors. We have been working with chronic pain clients for years, and have a tremendously high success rate with helping people with muscle and joint pain related to excess pressure from restrictions in the soft tissues of the body, particularly muscles and connective tissue.

Our Natural Solution for Chronic Lower Back Pain was our first BodyPain Matrix product to be released to the public. We will be releasing our Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Program later this year. What makes BodyPain Matrix(TM) different from any other stretching program?

It's SO much more than stretches. We have years of personal research on ourselves and with clients, with an extensively tested system. We have seen many people get to feeling great quickly with the body awareness and stretching program demonstrated in the BodyPain Matrix(TM) system. If someone is sleeping in poor positions, or sitting every day in a posture that is causing more restriction in their bodies, very few will feel better just from stretching. It takes understanding the pattern, getting to the core of the restriction causing pressure on an area, unraveling the pattern causing the pressure and then not holding the positions causing the restrictions all the time...every day...again and again.

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STOP Lower Back Pain!

-Identify What Factors are Making Your Pain WORSE.

-Learn Precise Stretches that Get to the Source of Your Pain.

-Create Solid Support for Your Back Using Our Simple Methods.

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Testimonials from those who have used this natural solution for chronic lower back pain:

"I can't believe I've been making my back pain worse for years, without knowing it! Thank you for sharing the information in the BodyPain Matrix(TM) Program! I now can completely manage my back pain with my stretches and I've stopped sitting in 'bad' ways.I am so glad I finally have an answer after suffering with my low back pain for over 5 years." -Sheryl B.

"I've been dependent on my chiropractor and massage therapist for years. It all helped, but I feel like someone finally showed me what to do, so that I now know how to help myself. I also found out what I was doing every day to make my lower back pain worse! Thank you for sharing these tools with me." Beth F.

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