The Bladder Lift

A Non-invasive Approach to Postpartum Stress Incontinence

The postpartum bladder lift technique is something we offer in our clinic to help with postpartum stress incontinence. Frequently during either pregnancy or birth, our bladder gets 'squashed'...for lack of a better term. Sometimes the muscles of the bladder can move slightly out of their normal functioning plane, and there can be a very mild prolapse, causing the valve that keeps urine in the bladder from doing it's job. The technique we use to help to reposition the bladder is done through the abdomen. It is not even necessary to entirely disrobe for the technique.

We do some light abdominal work, to loosen the muscles in front of the bladder, to help the technique to be more comfortable. We can integrate the technique, which takes just a few minutes, into a regular massage. The therapist will have you breathe deeply and relax, while they press into the muscles just above the pubic bone, and then gently lift the internal organs, to adjust the position of the bladder.

We've had several moms report that the technique was amazing. They had been experiencing either an extreme urgency to go to the bathroom while running around, or they would lose some urine whenever they sneezed or coughed. This technique is not for extreme cases, but I can attest personally that it works for moderate stress incontinence. I attended the classes for my extended prenatal and postpartum massage therapy certification over a year after I gave birth to my daughter. I had sneezing and coughing incontinence consistently up until the day we learned this technique, practicing on each other. I had expected to need to have someone help me with the technique after I gave birth to my son...but, thankfully with my second child, I didn't experience it again.

All of our postpartum and prenatal massage therapists in our clinic are trained in this technique. Please feel free to ask them about adding it into your massage, or let us know when you book your massage either online or over the phone.

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