Back Pain Lower Right Side, Morning Back Pain, Lower Back and Hip Pain...If You're Tired of Them, Read ON

One sided lower back pain, like back pain lower right side, is more common than you would believe! We see clients every day with this back pain symptom...typically it's been going on for a while and it's continuous aching, with sometimes sharp pain. Often it feels like their back is going to 'go out'.

Many of them have been to their MD, maybe a physical therapist, and possibly another practitioner like another massage therapist, or a chiropractor. Why would you still have pain after seeing all those professionals? Possibly because they are working with the symptomatic point of pain, not the pattern that is causing the back pain in the first place.

We have some of the stretches that help a bit with pressure in the lower back, but our full lower back pain remedy is a system called the BodyPain Matrix(TM). If you are just looking for a few of the stretches on a sheet, you can click on the e-zine tab to the left, and opt-in. As soon as you confirm your subscription, you will immediately be able to download the upper and lower body stretching sheets, as well as our healthy workstation checklist.

Symptoms such as back pain lower right side, morning back pain and lower back pain are so common that it could be called epidemic. What has changed in the past decade to cause this much pain in the general population? Our work postures, and sometimes, our recreation. Most of us, me included, since I've been producing this website(!), spend much of our day at work in a seated position. While we are seated, all of the muscles in the upper leg are shortened. In addition to shortening the muscles, over time, the connective tissue in your body (ALL of the tissue that connects fibers of muscles, helps muscles to glide, etc) also begins to stick together. When it sticks together, the muscles become congested, don't allow your body it's NORMAL full range of motion, and gets more and more restricted...until we open it up, OR somewhere in the pattern, it gets so restricted that it squeezes a nerve too much and begins to hurt. There is a particular type of stretch that helps connective tissue to open IS VERY SPECIFIC STRETCHES to mobilize connective tissue.

All stretches are NOT the same! We have clients who have been stretching and doing yoga for years, but until they learned our system, they were still experiencing every day back pain lower right side.

The pictures of the two stretches on this page to help with back pain on the lower right side, the standing hamstring stretch and the kneeling hip flexor stretch will help loosen up some of the chronic 'pull' on the pelvis which can cause tension and eventually discomfort. However, be sure to read about our specific approach to stretching, so you are addressing the underlying issues, and not just holding a stretch for a count of 10 and waiting for everything to heal and feel better. We not only have a personal experience of FIVE YEARS of chronic lower back pain, that went through my glute and down to my ankle at it's worst, but we work with clients EVERY DAY with back pain on the lower right side!

Shortened muscles in the upper leg
and glutes cause pressure on the low back, and over time can cause the muscles to squeeze harder and harder on the nerves, put more pressure on the area around the pelvis, and more pressure on all the vertebrae in the lower back. This pressure over time can cause pain, but the cause is not necessarily in the immediate vicinity of the pain. In this case, the pattern is usually found some distance from the 'problem'.

One pain causing posture many of us do all the time, is crossing our legs. For back pain lower right side, if you are crossing your *right* leg over your left, be aware that this can cause a sinister tension pattern, many times creating Sacroiliac joint (also called the SI joint) strain or pain - essentially a serious pain in the butt (annoying ache in the low back by the sacrum). If you are experiencing one sided low back pain (back pain lower right side), which may cross through your 'cheek', then pay attention to whether you are crossing the leg (of the side of the pain) over the other side. Some other factors that will contribute to back pain lower right side, left side, lower back hip pain , is sleeping on that side at night. For many structural reasons, from compressing shoulders and hips, to causing pressure and possibly pain in the TMJ joint (in your jaw), sleeping on your back can be a good idea. It is common in our field of work...or any structural work such as chiropractic, osteopathy, physical therapy...that the practitioners will inform you that back sleeping is a healthier position, due to the imbalance that the other positions create.

If you think of the body in 360 degrees, when you are sleeping on your side, you are basically hunching your shoulders, causing a compression of the shoulder joint, as well as a shortening of the chest muscles.

THEN there are those 'stomach sleepers', who can deal with a lot of issues, like how your head has to be 'squished' to one side in order to breathe. This severely shortens muscles on one side of the neck...a definite hazard to the structure, and musculature. Stomach sleepers often experience low back pain as well, due to the tilting of the pelvis, causing a shortening in muscles in the low back, pelvis and legs.

If you are already sleeping on your back, but you are still experiencing back pain lower right side, you'll need to be careful NOT to let one knee kick out to the side (figure four leg position). This posture shortens the rotating muscles, which lie under your gluteus maximus muscle, in your rump.

So, these are some primary things we suggest to our clients with chronic pain patterns ( back pain lower right side, morning back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, hip and lower back pain) when the pressure resides in their upper legs and glutes (the usual suspects), causing pain into the low back:

Sleep on back, with legs as straight as possible, sometimes a low pillow under the knees can help at first.

Sit balanced on your sit bones, reminding yourself continually to uncross your legs...sometimes it's useful to recruit your friends or your honey to remind you, since it's often a subconscious pattern.

Keep your feet parallel, and weight balanced when you are standing for a line at the bank, watching your kid's soccer game, etc. When standing, be conscious not to let your foot swing out to the side, or stand just on one leg.

Keep hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes stretched out.

We go into detail about the low back pain trouble-causing postures and the anatomy and biomechanics in our BodyPain Matrix(TM) System for Chronic Lower Back Pain. It is a video and ebook training program. If you want to know more about what you are doing wrong (that may be causing your back pain lower right side and other tough low back pain restriction in the muscles) every day, and how to correct it to alleviate that pressure and pain, you will want to access this program. Get immediate access by clicking on this link to Natural Solution for Chronic Lower Back Pain.

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