Back Pain HEAT or ICE?

Massage aside, what is most helpful for back pain, heat or ice??

In our practice, the majority of our clients seek our help because of chronic back pain. This is a question we answer every day, and our clients don't always like our answer, because for MOST types of back pain, the answer for the most helpful therapy is cold.

Here is the somewhat lengthy explanation, so you can know the reasoning behind OUR answer to: Back Pain, Heat or Ice??

Cold therapy will reduce inflammation, if there is any, which will often be the case if the affected area involves a joint.

Remember that your spine is one joint after the other all the way up your back. After taking the ice pack OFF the injured area is when the 'magic' of cold takes place, in my humble opinion. During the time you are icing, the blood is evacuated out of the area, and your nervous system messages are slowed slightly, which is why it gets numb.

After you remove the ice, that entire area, all the tissue, not JUST the spot of the injury gets a secondary flush of new blood. This means NEW oxygen and other healing nutrients that will help heal the area. After that, there is a lasting effect of an increase in elasticity and flexibility of surrounding tissue. This will enhance the continuation of new circulation around an injured area. HOWEVER! As with most everything, MORE of a good thing is not necessarily better! WARNING: When we keep ice on an area of our bodies for more than about 15 or 20 minutes, our bodies begin to think that the area is 'going hypothermic'. This will make our body send a LOT of blood to an area, to save the tissue. This can increase the inflammation in an area... so put a timer on, and remove the ice after a reasonable amount of time.

Something else you can do, to help reduce pressure on your back is do stretches on the muscles that pull on the area you've injured.The video above will help with the stretches for low back, as well as downloading the pdf we have on this page on our site for lower back stretches. Then, if your issue is more related to upper back pain, there is a stretching pdf on this page for pain between the shoulder blades or higher.

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