Arm Stretches

Arm stretches for chronic tension patterns and pain can be very just need to know some secrets. If muscle and tension patterns are responsible for your hand pain, or numbness, the stretches we share are VERY effective. Over the past few years carpal tunnel has become incredibly prevalent in our clinic. These stretches not only seem to help the discomfort you can experience from carpal tunnel, but even eliminate the pain without surgery!! We've taught these stretches to hair stylists, massage therapists and computer crusaders. They are not always comfortable when you first do them, since the tissue has been restricted and stuck together for a long time, but once the muscle and connective tissue is pliable again is when it feels like MAGIC. The numbness, tingling and discomfort can be reduced or eliminated when the tissue is receiving proper circulation and movement again.

There are stretches specifically to alleviate pressure causing pain across the middle of your back, upper shoulders neck and arms. MOST of the stretches to alleviate pressure in the upper back/neck area target the FRONT of your body. This guide shows upper body stretches, and shows our forearm stretches and wrist stretches, to help with pain and tension into the hands. Right-Click here to download the GTS Massage Stretches for Upper Body pdf file. (or just click to view in another window.)

The video below Tiffany not only demonstrates arm stretches described above, but the reason why we hold the stretches as long as we do. These arm stretches can benefit not only folks in industries that continually use their arms and hands in their work, but in your everyday life as well. Think about how often you pick up your child and curl your arm around them from slipping off of you. Well what about how your hands and thumbs feel after sending your two hundredth TEXT...before noon! Tightness in the forearm can be easily accomplished from these seemingly mundane tasks. Stretching your arms can help reduce the compressed feeling in your forearms and essentially reduce that tourniquet that is reducing your blood and nerve flow from properly circulating.

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