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These massage Fort Collins testimonials are from clients who have been on the receiving end of a therapeutic massage from our deep tissue and Fort Collins prenatal massage therapists.

Massage Fort Collins Testimonials from clients:

I've been a client and a great fan of Tiffany and Gary for the last several years. They have healed my running pains, straightened my knotted muscles, and put me in a calm and relaxing place after hectic days. Their announcement that they were selling their very successful practice in Virginia and moving to Fort Collins to get out of the rat race was a shock. I've got to admit that my response was "What will I do without you?" Well, they left me, but they can't hide! When I'm in Denver on business, I drive up after work for body work that is unsurpassed. Total distance traveled: 1,687 miles!

-Leslie Ruppert, Arlington, VA

I have had massages in the US, Europe and Japan from practitioners of swedish, shiatsu, Kripalu massage among others, and Gary's approach was exemplary. He is attentive and highly focused on muscle and armature patterns to get the kinks out.... leaving me feeling like a very lucky wet noodle at the end of my first hour. I intend to return to GTS regularly, because they are hands on clinicians... I am seriously thinking of alternating my chiropractor weekly visits with GTS massage now. They are consummate professionals and I want the best for my body - after all, its where I live! -Laurie Macomber, Fort Collins, CO

At GTS, they're not doing massage just so it feels good, they're really committed to changing our daily health and well-being. What a concept! I went in with issues of chronic back and shoulder pain, as well as calf pain that kept me up an night (not to mention generalized daytime fatigue). In only TWO sessions, my symptoms lessened measurably -- the pain began diminishing, and I've had an upsurge in consistent energy (mind you, I am following the stretching "homework" I was given).

I may seem a bit enthusiastic, but I have spent years on treatments to deal with these issues (chiropractic, acupuncture, and quite a bit of massage elsewhere), and while these modalities have had their benefit, I have never seen such dramatic and quick results as I have working with GTS. They know their stuff, and I really consider them health-care practitioners. I'm so grateful.

-Barb Wade, Fort Collins, CO

Your choices for Massage Fort Collins are extensive, but when it comes to the specialty of deep tissue applications for chronic pain and athletes, that narrows it down quite a bit. We help our clients to understand what's going on with particular chronic muscle pain patterns, offering suggestions for work, sleep, and stretches that may help to address the core issue of where the pain is coming from.

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