Golfing Injuries keeping you off the Links? We can get you driving again!

Frequently golfing injuries are a result of over tight (hypertonic in massage 'therapistese') muscles, that are used repetitively only during a day at the driving range or playing 18 holes. How often to you rotate your torso, or pull your elbow like that off the course? My bet is not TOO often. Both of us golf...occasionally. We tend to opt for a hike or bike ride when we have 5 hours of discretionary time. We tend to stick to the charitable tournaments when we can play best ball and be happy when we hit two good drives the whole game. But we have family, friends and clients who are AVID golfers! We've made sure they all know the results we get with our clients with previous golfing injuries such as, increased distance on their drives, less discomfort on the course-especially with low back pain, and greater level of accuracy in their game. When you've played for a long time, and your body knows what to do, the extra strength and flexibility you get in your swing from massage can create some growth in your game. I had one client who said that he liked getting massage two days prior, because he took at least 4 swings off his game!

Getting warmed up before hitting is obviously a good way to reduce your likelihood of golf injuries. Warm muscles are less likely to tear, think of a new rubber band and a dry, cold one...which one would break easier? Twisting and stretching around while gently warming up will get you a long way, but what if you DO end up with a golfing injury?

1) Golfer's Elbow-This is essentially tendonitis (actually they call it epicondylitis-since the inflammation is at the insertion of the tendon at the epicondyle of the bone) of the inside (medial aspect) of the elbow (the outside, or lateral tendonitis is tennis elbow). It isn't necessary to know all that if you know that the inside of your elbow is hurting like crazy! Golfer's Elbow doesn't just afflict golfers, but massage therapists, or anyone who overuses the muscles in the flexor area of your forearm. As if I haven't had enough of the injuries I've posted on this site...I had golfer's elbow in the summer of '02 (from overuse at work and sports). It was so bad it hurt me to apply soft pressure to brush my teeth! And Yes, massage helped it...massage, icing and stretching. We know the muscles to massage and the stretches to share with you. We'll have some pictures posted on specifics soon.

2) Another one of those common golfer's injuries is the infamous Rotator-Cuff injury. Cuff, not's a tear or strain in the cuff of muscles (one of four) surrounding the shoulder joint. There are other muscles which can be involved and cause pain, but one of the typical pains is on or above the shoulder blade, sometimes referring into the armpit, or down the arm. Specific massage for these muscles can alleviate the pain from this type of injury immediately. Sometimes icing can help, but there are muscles to stretch, like chest muscles to take the pressure off the rotator cuff, which can also reduce the discomfort quickly.

3) I believe the most common of golfers injuries we see is low back pain. It may be present all the time, and only exacerbated by golfing, or it only flares up during or after a game. Some of the muscles that make up the core structure of the low back are strained during a game. Massage can alleviate chronic low back pain, or game induced discomfort. There are also stretches geared specifically at those muscles to keep the post-game soreness to a minimum.

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