Fort Collins Sports Massage

For The "Chronic Athlete"...When's your next race?

Why Sports Massage for Athletes??

Fort Collins Sports Massage is a necessity. The athletes are outnumbered in Fort Collins only by the population of canines. Running, biking, tennis, yoga, golfing, all very popular here with our 300+ days of sun a year, all take their toll on our bodies. Sports injuries abound among full time athletes and weekend warriors in Fort Collins and Sports Massage can help keep you on the road! From head to toe, these sports injuries cause breaks in training schedules, pain and discomfort.

Runners experience plantar fasciitis frequently, or other foot pain from the repetitive movement and pounding, as well as knee pain, hip pain (pain in the butt too!), low back pain and other leg pain. Amazingly, in Fort Collins sports massage therapists working with long distance cyclists, lots of Iron Man Competitors, we've found their biggest complaint to be neck pain, particularly when riding in aerobars for long periods of time! Behind neck pain in cyclists, the knee pain, hip pain and low back pain come in about even. Golfers experience about even instances of low back pain and arm pain, of course you've heard of golfer's elbow! Then there's the other major elbow injuring! Tennis, particularly when played aggressively, is the king of sports will be the cause of low back pain, knee pain, and hand pain, which is frequently an extension of the issue with the muscles of the forearm, also the cause of that notorious sports injury, tennis elbow. Swimming is rarely a reason for an emergency visit, unless there is a shoulder issue involved...which structurally sometimes leads to chronic neck pain. Fort Collins Sports Massage also helps out with pain in the hips and legs from horseback riding, arm and shoulder injuries, particularly rotator cuff injuries, which are VERY common from playing baseball or softball, and numerous other sports injuries or athletic challenges.

Fort Collins Sports Massage...Why GTS Therapeutics?

Since Fort Collins Sports Massage is so popular, and there are so many therapists out there, what tools do you need to be a good sports massage therapist? The Fort Collins sports massage therapists who work with us have both competed in various sports and trained with the clinic directors who have been involved in competitive sports.

We know what it's like when you go to a doctor and their answer is take a chunk of time to be if that's an option?! There are obviously times when rest is the only way to heal a sports injury, but we've found with ourselves and many clients that the muscular pain pattern can sometimes be alleviated with proper stretching, strengthening, hydrotherapy and massage. Much of this you can do at home, and we will share the tips with you at the end of your session. We've trained all of our therapists in the specifics of repetitive strain injuries related to sports, and how to get results quickly.

Fort Collins Sports Massage Techniques:

The Techniques we use for Fort Collins Sports Massage:We occasionally will go to a post race event and do clothed sports massage on sweaty, post-race folks...but the majority of our work is done in our clinic for athletic massage during training. We use deep tissue massage techniques along with postural strain applications to address your injuries. The difference in our application of sports massage is that we really know the structural patterns in the body from these sports. We've studied them, and worked specifically with chronic pain and athletes for years.

We know that the back pain isn't just coming from your torso, there are several muscle groups which contribute to them, and many other therapists miss them ENTIRELY. Working with tons of neck pain and shoulder pain, we know that the body is 360 degrees and in order to really affect the pain pattern, there are three muscle groups, NOT in the low back, which you must work on to reduce the pressure and alleviate the pain in the back.

We read the body's patterns and recognize how that materializes pressure in particular areas. We work on the area of pain, often by relieving the pressure in muscle groups that are next to the 'problem area'. If you've been to a bodyworker, only to have the pain return within 24-48 hours, that is an indication that the area where the most pressure originated is not being adressed.

For instance, many avid tennis players will get phantom pain into the hand, it is frequently caused by the tension in the forearm, which can be alleviated in a matter of minutes, if the therapist is aware of what they need to address.

Pain from plantar fasciitis, which is characterized by sharp pain at the front of the heel, on the bottom of the foot, frequently is lessened quickly by the correct application of massage on the lower leg. We have specific stretches we show clients with this issue, and the three other secrets we learned when I had it for over a year, to completely eliminating that annoying pain when you stand up-especially in the morning-ouch! Ice, taping (a special tape in a particular way), and continuous use of inserts to support the arch...we can also teach you a secret with a golf ball that will amaze you for this one.

No Pain, No Gain?!

Deep Tissue Massage does not have to be 'pokey', and it doesn't have to hurt. Athletes have a different frame for that 'pain' thing anyway! The one thing that you have to keep in mind, though, is that sometimes it will feel good during the massage with your Fort Collins sports massage therapist, but you will still be sore the next day. This can be normal, particularly if you have a long-standing injury or compensating pattern in the muscle. When the muscles aren't moving the way their supposed to, adhesions develop-this means that the muscle fibers stick together and that part of the muscle doesn't work like when it's moving smoothly.

We explain it like two sheets of plastic wrap laying on each other...they get stuck together, and some types of massage will help the layers to start smoothly sliding over each other again, which is what healthy muscles do. The "toxins" people talk about with massage isn't actually some horrible foreign substance, but the by-products of normal muscle contractions, and old blood which hasn't been flushed out of the muscle (possibly because it was too tight to circulate well). The best thing for this to be flushed out of your system is to drink plenty of water the day of your massage, both before and after your session! The Colorado Extreme...

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