Looking for a Fort Collins Massage Therapist??

How do you find a Fort Collins Massage Therapist you ask? After all, it turns out there are about three gazillion massage therapists in Fort Collins, Colorado. So, why would you book an appointment with one of our team of therapists?

What sets us apart from the other listings in the Fort Collins Massage Therapist section of the phone book or on Google??

We all have extensive experience working with chronic pain. We have had extreme success with helping clients who have experienced pain lasting for more than five years. Ranging from headaches, to foot pain, and everything in between, we've worked extensively with clients who have experienced neck pain, low back pain , rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel issues , and knee pain. But wait! There’s more! This front range city is known for the activity level of its residents…there’s the cyclists, hikers, runners, and triathletes around every corner (not to mention the tennis players, golfers and martial arts athletes). A large percentage of our clientele are competitive athletes who need specific types of massage.

 The athlete/sports specific injuries some therapists here have worked with to keep chronic athletes (like marathon, triathlon and Iron Man competitors)on their training schedule range from tendonitis (tennis, golf, cycling, running, etc.), plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis, piriformis syndrome, shin splints, compartment syndrome, along with various other strains and sprains. Essentially, they will keep you on the road to your race, if you are training in the area and need a massage in Fort Collins.

The entire team has at least 500 hours of formal therapeutic massage certification training(anatomy, physiology, applied massage, disorders, etc)...and constantly work to expand their skills within the pain, post-surgical, repetitive strain and prenatal arena.

Last, but not least...they are a part of a team who all live this stuff. Massage therapy and taking a natural approach to health is not only their job, but their shared love and passion.

Dezel Shallenberg, RMT

Dez is a graduate of the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado. She was introduced to the true healing powers of massage when the aches and injuries of playing roller derby became greater than anything her doctors could prescribe medication for. Dez is a true believer in massage playing a crucial role in one’s overall well-being, and has been inspired to learn more so that she can help others through massage as she has been helped. Her perfect client is one who is curious about what’s going on with their body, and someone who keeps an open mind when it comes to treatment options. Dez works one on one with each client to determine the style and modality of massage that is best for their needs.

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