Couples Massage

We have enjoyed teaching Couples Massage since 2000!  It only seemed natural that being a married massage therapist couple that we teach other couples simple techniques they could share with their partner at home!

We've shared private and group classes for special occasions or just's fun for us, since we are married and need to find ways to connect the same way all couples do! Some of the tips and suggestions we share in our classes are listed below!

We have also shared many classes for parents who wanted to learn how to massage their children. Often when our Couples Massage class participants were leaving, they would ask us if they could take us home with them, so they could have some more help...and that's why we decided we needed to produce a DVD, so clients could have another way to help them with technique at home. We also have video distributors across the country for the Couples Massage Instruction Video , including massage websites, clinics, spas and couples therapists. Our Couples Massage DVD has useful information about setting up your massage space, as well as instruction for a continuous full body massage...or it's indexed, so you can go to the main menu, and just click to the body part you want to work on during that session. It's less than $20, for a special in-home date night!

In our clinic, we still provide private couples instruction and occasional group classes, particularly around holidays. In the years we've been sharing massage with each other and other couples, we've learned some tips that REALLY help the process of connecting. We hope that the tips help, and if you find the information we share on our website useful, that you may consider purchasing our DVD! It is completely family friendly, so you don't have to worry about the kiddos finding the DVD, in fact, it may help to encourage some more healthy, safe touch in your home! Both of our children are under 7, and we all take turns with giving and receiving massage. It's a great way to connect with your children!

In our Couples Massage Class, each partner has the chance to try out different massage techniques and get instruction on the specific areas they need relief. The couples also can give feedback on the techniques. Frequently one partner enjoys deeper massage and the other enjoys light massage. One of the most important things to remember is to keep in touch with your partner as to their comfort level. Giving them the massage THEY want, not the massage YOU want. There are ways to make it easier on the giver of the massage through body mechanics . This means you can use your body weight to massage, instead of just your hand strength. How many times has your partner asked you to rub their shoulders, only for your hands to fall off after five minutes?! These techniques give you tools to really enjoy the time with your partner and help them to feel great through the power of touch.

If you came to this page to learn how to:

1) Massage my wife, or husband without hurting them.

2) Be able to massage your spouse for a little longer without getting tired.

3) Learn some new techniques- foot massage techniques are some of the most popular.

4) Learn a new way to communicate with your spouse.

Then our site, and the Couples Massage DVD has very specific tools for you to apply...and here are some more specific tips we share in our classes!

Important Tips for Your Couples Massage at Home!

1) Book your massage time on a calendar, and don't try to exchange on the same night. This allows the person receiving the massage to actually relax!

2) Make your massage time a NO TICKLE ZONE! If you tickle your partner purposely during massage time, they will not be able to fully relax, since their nervous system will be on alert for you to do it again.

3) Schedule your sessions somewhat regularly, so that you have a chance to improve your technique for your partner.

4) If you use the same products, environment, etc, you will give your body a jumpstart in getting relaxed. The familiar relaxing environment will allow your body to respond more quickly to the touch and routine.

5) Turn off your phone and set the space up to get the least amount of interruptions. Give yourselves the chance to truly unwind and pay attention to each other.

6) Give your partner feedback. Tell them if they went lighter or harder how it would be perfect. Tell them if they are moving too quickly for you to relax. Helpful, gentle suggestions are more easily absorbed than critical ones.

7) Breathe. Both of you will enjoy the process more, if you allow yourselves to breathe deeply and relax into the process. Please don't try to sort out an earlier dispute during your massage time.

8) Have a blanket or space heater in the room you are doing massage. As we relax, it's normal to get a little chilly, as our bodies slow down a bit.

9) Warm up the cream or oil you are using, but be sure it's not TOO hot!

10) Pay attention to your hands when you are the one giving the massage. You will find that you'll feel differences in your partner's skin and muscles that you haven't been aware of before.

We wish you the best in your new way of communicating with your partner. It is such a gift to have a way to connect emotionally and physically with those around us!

Additionally, if you are feeling like massage therapy may be a possible career path for you, and you are interested in looking into the steps it takes to get there, you may want to visit this massage certification website for more information on entering this dynamic field professionally.

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