Professional Couples Massage DVD

Our Couples Massage DVD shares three simple techniques that will help you give your partner a great massage...and hopefully vice versa! No special equipment needed, the demonstration is actually on the floor, so you can follow along easily.

Many people purchase this DVD, so that they can share massage with their children as well, since the DVD is completely family friendly (completely non-sexual!). We teach the same techniques in our family massage class. We have two children under the age of 7, and we all exchange massage on a regular basis. It's a safe and healthy way to teach your children about touch and to be aware of their bodies!

Our primary drive in creating this DVD was to give partners tools to reconnect. We all have a tendency to lose touch with each other through our hectic lives today. There are few ways you can get more 'in touch' with your partner than massage! We've heard many times, "I start to massage my wife, but after just a moment, my hands get tired." The techniques in this DVD use your body weight and allow you to really help your partner.

This instructional video is unique in the Couples Massage DVD field. When you search to find a video to learn to give your husband or wife massage, most (virtually all) of them are sexual in nature, and need to be put away when the kids are around!! Our goal in teaching couples to massage each other is to bring a tool to them which allows for deeper communication and connection. It had to be short, so that it could be fit into crazy schedules. In fact, it's indexed to go to a particular body part, so when you come home from work, and your partner has a headache and tight neck, you can skip right to the head and neck massage!

Our Couples Massage DVD was professionally directed and produced. We share our many years as Professional Massage Therapists, and professional massage instructors in a one hour long DVD. It requires no special equipment, as the instruction is demonstrated on the floor with techniques you can easily duplicate at home.

n teaching individual and larger group classes, with up to 10 couples, we learned how to share the skill of massage, and make it easy to do at home. We have loved seeing the difference in people as they leave a Couples Massage Class. They walk out smiling, relaxed and usually touching more than they walked in. There are few activities you can do with your partner that will help to enhance communication, make you both feel good, and reconnect you at that level. It is a powerful relationship tool to be able to help your partner physically feel better when they are hurting. You feel great that you can help them, and they will feel incredibly grateful to you for alleviating discomfort from everyday strains.

One of the most useful features of our DVD, is that the video is indexed, so you can skip directly to the part of the body you and your partner agree to work on that night, or you can follow along through an entire full body massage. There is verbal instruction through the entire massage, which you can turn off when you are ready to practice without someone telling you each step of the way.

Learn some techniques now to give you husband or wife massage... see our massage techniques page. Our Couples Massage DVD is now sold at numerous locations nationwide, including spa boutiques, resorts, on-line massage product distributors, family product distributors, couples therapists and massage clinics. See our distributors.

If you are interested in signing up for a private or group class in Fort Collins, please contact us and we will get back with you. Or you can call us at 301-387-8326.

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