5 Reasons to Massage Your Partner

When we bump ourselves on something, we naturally put our hand on that body part. Rubbing a loved one’s back or shoulders when they are experiencing pain or stress is another thing we do without thinking. Having at least 5 reasons to massage your partner in your back pocket is like having some serious point scoring at your disposal! Massage is one of the most natural expressions we have as human beings anyway. There are some very compelling reasons to use massage as a tool to connect with those around you. This list includes what we feel are some of the most important reasons to massage your partner...the Top 5 Reasons to Massage Your Partner...

1) There are numerous health benefits of massage. Massage boosts your immune system. There have been medical studies that prove that massage increases the efficiency of the immune system, through stimulating the production of the cells that are the first line of defense for the immune system, as well as stimulation of the lymphatic system. Massage increases circulation and decreases blood pressure temporarily. This benefits your organs and the overall health of tissues in your body. Doing something healthy for your partner is a great way to show them you care for their health!

2) Massage gives you a chance to reconnect with your partner in the craziness of the everyday. Frequently the wear and tear of everyday keeps us from connecting to our partners in meaningful, thoughtful ways. When you give yourselves time to come back together, in a slower pace, it allows you to open up to your partner again. Taking time to breathe, and enjoy some calm physical touch, can bring you to a deeper level of emotional intimacy with your partner.

3) De-stressing is easier with massage. Massage has been shown to increase endorphins, while reducing cortisol and adrenaline secretion. In other words, massaging your partner allows you both to escape stress for a little while. The inevitable deeper breaths you take during giving or receiving a massage allows you to use another tool that is helpful in reducing the stress response in the body. Deep abdominal breathing helps to further the relaxation response in the body.

4) Massage gives you a chance to practice receiving. When we are constantly running around taking care of everything that needs to be done, many of us don’t take the time to receive. We suggest that couples exchange massage on different nights, so that each partner can truly relax into receiving, or focus on giving. This will allow each partner to focus on receiving the loving touch and attention, which will offer an enhanced experience to both.

5) Massage is a tool to increase awareness. When you receive a massage, you become more aware of tension and pain in your body. This allows us a greater tool for health, and a way to notice injuries before they get out of hand. It also allows you to recognize what feels good in your body, or what is supporting your overall level of well-being. In using massage in this way with your partner, it allows you to work together for better health for both of you. For instance, when your partner notices over and over that one leg or arm is tighter than the other, you can evaluate how you are sitting or sleeping, which can increase your level of comfort from day to day.

If you and your partner use massage to connect and help each other, you will find many other benefits. To learn more about how to set up your massage space in your house, or use specific massage techniques.

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