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Fort Collins Massage Therapists-highly trained in deep tissue massage for painful muscle patterns.

"We're not your green tea and fluffy robe massage."™

Fort Collins Massage Therapists can help with many chronic pain patterns! Did you know that muscle and connective tissue restrictions can cause a number of different pain patterns and symptoms?

Often pain in joints can be relieved with muscle and connective tissue work to alleviate pressure on the joint. Aching, tingling and other sensations are common with restricted muscles and connective tissue. The type of work we do opens up long-term restrictions, so clients gain mobility and experience a retreat in the symptoms associated with the restricted patterns, often after years of trouble. We teach clients specific postures and positions which can cause these patterns and restrict our body's movement over time. The stretches we have on this site and teach clients are specific to opening up old patterns, allowing the body to heal through renewed mobility and circulation! You can use the Google Search block to the right or below, to find more information on our site about pain patterns and how you may be making your back or other pain worse every day. Many times it only takes a few changes in daily habits to shift a chronic pain dramatically. Add in some stretches to open a pattern and it can feel like magic...truly. We see it in our clinic every day.

Fort Collins Massage Therapists, all with extensive clinical training in specialized applications of deep tissue massage at the Pivotal Wellness Center. We help you evaluate your patterns: work position, sleep positions, and other chronic postural strains. Learn new information about how to improve or even eliminate your pain and enhance your athletic performance. For those of you who are pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant, we also have highly trained prenatal massage specialists.

Fort Collins Massage Team

At our clinic, you can work with Certified Massage Therapists who specialize in deep tissue applications of massage. They are educated in working with chronic pain and athletic performance.

Some of the issues we frequently work with in our clinic are: chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, pregnancy hip painand post-surgical scar tissue work (particularly around the spine).

Thank you so much for visiting our site! We are eager to share some of our passion about natural solutions to muscular pain and injuries with you. This site contains information on chronic pain patterns, and stretches and other home care that may help them. Always check with your physician for medical issues.

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Fort Collins Massage - Muscles & Stuff Blog
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Pregnancy Massage Therapists who are certified for safety and comfort.
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Fort Collins Massage Therapists specializing in chronic pain patterns.
Fort Collins Massage Therapists specializing in deep tissue massage for chronic pain, working with athletes who want to improve their performance and avoid injuries.
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Massage Therapy Fort Collins - skilled therapists specializing in deep tissue.
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Cause of one leg pain can be related to chronic muscle tension creating pressure on nerves from the lower back or hip crease all the way to the toes.
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Deep Tissue Massage
we specialize in Deep Tissue Massage for chronic pain and athletes. Years of experience, and we are runners and cyclists too!
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Fort Collins Massage Therapist Tiffany Blackden
Tiffany and her husband Gary Nationally Certified Massage Therapists. They specialize in massage for chronic pain and athletes.

Learn to Give A Great, Relaxing Massage!

Had enough stress and chaos in the world? How about taking up a relaxing hobby with your partner or family? Learn how to support relaxation and calm with easy and quick massage techniques you can do anywhere at home?! Click here to learn a few massage techniques right away!